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How to Turn Off Cortana in Windows 10

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You can also use the registry to remove Cortana in Windows 10. Just follow the steps below.

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how to update microsoft office

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How to Update Microsoft Office You can start Microsoft Office updates through any Office software. Below, I'll walk you through the steps of how to make these updates.

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how to update minecraft

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First, if you do not have enough storage space on your computer, the update will not be installed. In addition, internet connection problems and applications such as windows defender can prevent automatic application updates.

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how to use windows 10

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Windows 10 with its innovative interface and many new applications offers users a new computing experience. They are on the verge of opening a new era in the IT industry with innovative applications such as Cortana and Windows Hello.

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something went wrong office

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We know this error can drive you absolutely mad. If you’ve got this “something went wrong” error during an Office program installation, we can help you with a simple way! First, go to this Microsoft troubleshooting center and run the “Fix it” button.

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what is microsoft office

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Microsoft Office is a suite of office programs from Microsoft.

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