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what is windows live?

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Windows Live is the new version of Windows MSN, where you can log in with your Microsoft password. Windows Live Messenger is a program that sends instant messages to the other party.

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why do windows updates take so long

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Updating in Windows 10 can sometimes be very annoying. Some updates take a few seconds to minutes, and some updates take hours. Some of them do not even know and this situation can be very annoying.

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how to see wifi password on windows 10

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If you have another windows device connected to a Wi-Fi network, click the start button or wireless network symbol on the taskbar to enter the network settings depending on the windows version.

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how to remove password from windows 10

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If you want to remove your windows 10 password completely, you can do so easily by following the steps below.

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how to install windows 10 on a new hard drive

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how to install windows 10 on a new hard drive? Installing Windows 10 to a new harddisk is quite simple. First of all you need to do is to install the windows 10 installation files to a USB drive.

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how to fix broken registry items windows 10

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In this article, we will focus on how to fix broken registry items and the problems caused by them. There are many reasons why registry entries may become corrupted.

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