Some windows users save computer storage by turning off system updates. However, when you buy hardware such as Hard Disk and SSD everything is fne at the beginning.But when you open a Windows account and download games you may encounter Windows Update 0x80070422 error caused by turning off system updates. However, many users are still concerned about the error codes with these complex names. Because many users do not know how to fix such errors. We have a very nice management to solve this error. You can solve this problem simply by following the steps below.

-First, we enter the ‘Control Panel’ section on the desktop.

-In the window that comes to the ‘System and Security’ section.

-In the window that comes up, we click on the ‘Administrative Tools’ section.

-In the screen we click on the ‘Services’ menu.

- In the list in the ‘Services window that opens, you will see the Update Windows Update ç service. For all users who receive tamam Windows Update 0x80070422 ?, the status of this service will be ‘Stopped’ and the startup type will appear as ‘Disabled’.

- Right click on Windows Update service and click sa? Properties inden from the drop-down list.

- In the window that opens, we set ‘Startup Type’ to ‘Automatic sonra and click‘ Apply ’and‘ OK ’. In the Services window, click the start button.

Then, after closing all the windows, click on the rectangular section in the lower right corner of the desktop and click the ‘All Settings’ menu.

-In the window that opens, we are entering the ‘Update and Security’ section.

-In the window that opens, if you click on the Denet Check for Updates ’section, you will install the updates and you will be able to download the applications you want to download to your computer without any problems.

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