how to uninstall a program on windows 10

how to uninstall a program on windows 10


how to uninstall a program on windows 10

There may be different reasons why you might want to remove programs from your computer. You may not want these programs on the computer anymore. You may want to delete the program because it takes up a lot of space on the computer. Or the program might be corrupted and stopped working. You may also want to remove programs because of your computer out of storage space. There is a simple method Microsoft offers to remove programs from your computer. You should be careful when removing programs from your computer. Because a system file or a Windows feature to be accidentally deleted can cause your computer to become corrupted or some of its features to become dysfunctional. In this article, we will tell you how to uninstall programs in Windows 10 operating system.

-Open the Start menu by clicking the start menu icon on the taskbar in the lower left corner of your screen or by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard.

-On the resulting page, type Control panel  into the search.

-In the search results, click the Control Panel.

-Click the search tab in the upper right corner of the control panel page, type Add add and remove and search for it by pressing Enter.

-In the results, click Add or Remove Programs.

-Here you can remove programs by selecting programs from the list. When you click on the right mouse button on the program, remove the warning comes. After you click on remove some applications, some applications may ask for approval. -After approval, the uninstalling process will start.

When uninstalling programs, prioritize programs that you do not use more often. Removing unnecessary programs will affect your computer's boot speed and will also increase the normal operating speed of your computer. We also recommend that you restart your computer after the program removal is complete. Restarting your computer will allow the computer to see the changes made to the computer.

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